lørdag 30. august 2014

Happy Hour - Workshop with mumkaa

Last week-end I went to a great scrapbooking event in Egersund. More than 40 ladies spending the whole week-end enjoying different kind of papercraft.
I also got the chance to take a class with Magda Bolinska/mumkaa, and that was so much fun!
This is the layout I made in her class.
We used white cardstock (looks greyish here, but it is really white :-) ), and she showed us how to combine gesso, acrylic paint and gelatos to make a cool background.
I found this photo from last summer, and it matched the colors we used perfectly. And I guess 'Happy Hour' describes how I felt during the workshop :-)
Lots of small embellishments together with some stamping.
I really enjoyed this class, and it gave me lots of inspiration. I've had gelatos lying around for some time - now I'll finally start using them :-)

2 kommentarer:

Anne-Eddie sa...

Kjempelekker LO!! Nydelige glade farger og det ser ut som en spennende fremgangsmåte du har brukt!
Lekker LOèn under her og!!
Klem fra Anne-Eddie ;)

Riikka Kovasin sa...

Fantastic! Mumkaa is such a lovely teacher!